Vision, Mission and Membership

Georgetown ITL Network Mission | The mission of The Network is to create connections and foster continued learning and growth among all members of the global ITL graduate community, to support their professional journeys as they extend ITL’s mission of transformational change. 

Georgetown ITL Network Vision | Our vision is to expand the connection of ITL graduates as a community of practice and provide opportunities for graduates to contribute to the ongoing success of ITL through:


·       Providing a structure and technology platform to connect and nurture global, national, regional and local communities.

·       Creating and hosting learning events aimed to further the developmental journey of the graduates towards transformational change.

·       Providing graduates access to the latest research and research opportunities in the field of leadership and leadership coaching.

·       Growing an on-going commitment to diversity and inclusion for the sake of compassionate community in the world.

·       Enabling graduates to serve a higher purpose than their own advancement by contributing to their larger community.


Georgetown ITL Network Members | Members and eligible members of the Georgetown ITL Network include faculty and graduates of Georgetown University’s certificate programs in:


v  Leadership Coaching

v  Transformational Leadership

v  Organizational Development/Organization Consulting and Change Leadership

v  Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Management

v  Health & Wellness Coaching

v  Facilitation

v  Polarities and Paradox
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