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What is the Georgetown ITL Network?

The ITL Network is a professional network of graduates and faculty from the various Georgetown Institute for Transformational Leadership certificate programs. Its mission is to create connections and foster continued learning and growth among all members of the global ITL graduate community to support their professional journeys as they extend ITL’s mission of transformational change.

Why did the Network start?

To quote Kate Ebner, then Director of ITL, “It is very clear that, after more than 50 cohorts of graduates from the Leadership Coaching Program and six in the Health Coaching Program with growing numbers from Transformational Leadership and Facilitation, we are really ready for this. I am inspired by the possibilities here, and I hope you will be, too.”

Primarily the Network is designed to provide a community platform and events (including a conference) for Georgetown ITL faculty and graduates. One driver in deciding to set up the Network was that the Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies had decided that it would no longer provide support for the conference as they had done up until 2016. Another driver was that the large group of graduates wanted a unique and different way of being in community, one that was directed by the graduates of the programs themselves.


Is this run by Georgetown University?

No, The ITL Network is run by the 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that was specifically set up to provide this service to Georgetown ITL graduates. The 501(c)3 is required by law to be run by a Board of Directors. This is an all-volunteer organization, run by a Board consisting of two-co-presidents, a vice president, secretary, treasurer, and three to five at-large members. The board is supported by a large network of committees, all staffed by volunteers as well.

What is the relationship between the Network and Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership?

Georgetown ITL provides an ex-officio member to advise the Board. The position is not a voting member of the Board. The Board runs the Network to best serve the faculty and graduate members of the ITL Network. As the faculty and graduates all have relationships with the Institute for Transformational Leadership, there are common interests between the Network and the Institute for Transformational Leadership, but they are separate organizations.

Why can’t we just continue with the Yahoo Group?

The Yahoo Group, which has served the leadership coaching community well for years, has some limitations:

  • Many members are concerned about the number of emails that are sent to their inboxes on a daily basis. The only resolution to date has been to opt for the daily digest which limits the visibility of the communications.
  • There is no effective search function for the Yahoo Group. New members who join throughout the year often ask questions that have been asked and answered many times before. The Yahoo Group’s search feature isn’t adequate to provide new members with access to the information they are searching for.
  • The Yahoo Group is also limited in that it is an all-or-nothing email listserv. It doesn’t provide any additional functionality, such as cohort pages, geographic location pages, community of practice or interest groups, conference support, and a myriad of other functions that its members have sought for many years.
  • The other certificate program graduates are not included.
  • New graduates were interested in making better use of currently available technology

Will the Yahoo Group be shut down?

The users of the Yahoo group will ultimately decide its fate. The ITL Network does not own or have any ownership over the Yahoo listserv; hence, The Network is not in a position to “close” or “shut down” the Listserv. The ITL Network will continue to use the listserv as a communication and marketing tool for as long as it is deemed to be a useful mechanism for reaching people who have not chosen to join the ITL Network. We encourage all those who post on the listserv to consider posting in the platform as well.

Why Do I Have to pay a fee to join?

The $95/year fee covers primarily the cost of the technology platform used to connect the community as well as some administrative fees such as accounting and legal fees. The goal is also to create a community fund for people who may need financial assistance for ITL Network Membership, Conference and other event attendance and perhaps even future ITL Certificate programs.

None of the volunteers working on the 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that runs the network receive any compensation. In fact, they pay the annual fee for membership and for attending the conference like everyone else.

How was the fee set?

Happily, the group’s current Treasurer is a former actuary and was able to model several fees based on different membership levels. The Board selected the lowest fee that was projected to keep the 501(c)3 viable. The assumption was based on membership of 500 people. The Board will adjust the fee if more members join than projected and financial review supports a lower fee.

What if I can’t afford the fee?


Please contact us at We don’t want anyone’s ability to be a member of the Network to be precluded by financial constraints.

Do new graduates have to pay?

New graduates are currently offered a $50 discount for their first year of membership.

How Do I sign up for membership?

Go to and click on the Join the Network link on the top navigation bar.

Do I have to be a Member to attend the conference?

No, however the fee structure for the 2019 conference provides a $100 discount for members.

When is the Conference?

The dates of our first conference are May 29th – 31st. The 2019 conference is two days spread over three days. It starts at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, May 29th to permit out-of-towners to fly in that morning. The conference ends Friday, May 31st at noon to permit out-of-towners to fly out in the afternoon. This schedule also ensures locals miss the dreaded rush hour traffic.

The Lansdowne Resort location was selected to provide the backdrop for the community to meet amongst a lot of green spaces. We are hoping that even locals will stay at the hotel to maximize the time spent in this amazing community while it has gathered for the conference.

How Do I Sign Up for the Conference?

You can sign up for the conference by clicking on the following link:

Conference Registration

How Can I Help?

We love volunteers! We have volunteer positions open for any amount of time that you have available to give, and in many different categories of skill sets. Please reach out to Dorel Shanon at and she will get you connected in the place best suited to your skills and interests.

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